Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener Repair Markham

Here at Davids we believe that every garage door opener can be repaired. picture this you come home on a freezing day you do not have the front door keys and the opener refuses to work. this happens very often in the GTA due to the weather change. sure you can purchase a new opener but a lot of time all that it takes is a new gear or new sensors. your garage door is made of a lot of components and the opener is one of them. Similar to a car and the motor is one of them. we do not change the motor but rather repair it.

A new garage door opener can cost between 400-800 including installation depending on the horsepower, make, model and even weight of your door. so what do we do David? said the customer. Its simple Call David to come take a look, and let me give you an Honest quote on the amount of the repair.

What happens if you can not repair the opener David? the truth is that day has yet to come, but wen i see fit i recommend that we change it to a newer model, as repairing the old motor is more expensive due to difficulty of getting parts.

Another thing to look out for is what you get with the opener. some companies will quote a lower price but will only give you one remote and no keypad. here ad Davids we are not the cheapest but we will provide 2 remotes and a keypad for our motors*

* certain brands can not have a keypad or extra remotes added to insure security