About Us


it was only a few years back when David was employed for one of his competitors. in 1995 after acquiring a few years of experience it was time to open up a new age of garage door repair man. although he worked for one of the biggest companies it always bothered David knowing that he is charging to much. That is how Davids garage door repair was born. A garage door service that believes in exceptional Service at an affordable rate.

Our Difference

What makes Davids Different is we are not the typical 9-5 garage door company. David believes that if you door breaks and its stuck open and unsecured you need to be able to contact a company that is 24 hours a day 7 days a week. lets be honest no one enjoys working at 1 in the morning but and i quote David ” my customers deserve the best”. By hiring only the best and taking rotating shift we are able to offer true 24 hour customer service.